CHIP QUIK Product Descriptions

Save SMD Rework Costs With



Simply by adding Chip Quik , normal solder will reflow at a
safe low temperature below 150 deg. C (300 deg. F)

Benefits from reduced solder reflow temperature:


  • Heat damaged pads, leads and circuitry

  • Heat damaged solder joints of adjacent components

  • Thermal blisters, burns and board delamination

  • Mechanical damage from chip extraction when reflow is incomplete

Further Eliminate Reworking The
Rework And Save The Cost Of:

  • Lost time

  • Labor costs

  • Inconvenience

  • Lost boards from heat damage

It takes the technician 1 or 2 tries to perfect the process.

Remove QFPs, PLCCs, SOICs and chip components without complex and costly equipment. A large inventory stock of heater tips and nozzles are not required.

LOW COST: Available in complete kits for field service or industrial packaging for rework departments. No shelf life! No investment required. Use Chip Quik with existing rework equipment or temperature controlled soldering irons.


CHIP QUIK Products


SMD 1 - CHIP QUIK SMD Removal Kit
Remove with solder iron or warm air bath.
SMD 1 Contents
  • 2.5 ft. CHIP QUIK material. Removes 8-10 SMD'S.
  • 1 cc syringe of CHIP QUIK no clean rework paste flux.
  • Alcohol pads for clean up.
  • Complete instructions for SMD removal and cleanup.


SMD 16 - CHIP QUIK Industrial Pack 16 Ft.

The same CHIP QUIK material in 30 convenient 6.5" lenghts.

Instructions included.


SMD 32 - CHIP QUIK Industrial Pack 32 Ft.

The same CHIP QUIK material in 60 convenient 6.5" lenghts.

Instructions included.


SMD 291 - CHIP QUIK No Clean Flux 10 cc syringe.

The same flux used in the SMD 1. Ideal for all rework.


SMD 2000 SMD 2000 - CHIP QUIK Complete Solder/Desolder rework kit.

  • With easy to follow complete rework instructions.
  • With recommended rework tools and materials, evaluated in our own labs.

SMD 2000

The contents of this kit consists of the latest solder/desolder products available. Each individual item has been carefully selected to fill your rework needs.

Contents: (In durable plastic case)
  • Chip Quik Removal Alloy SMD 4.5 (4.5 ft. removal alloy w/instructions)
  • Solder Paste - no clean 63/37 rework
    solder paste w/flux in 1 cc syringe w/nozzle & cap.(trial size)
  • Solder 3 ft. 63/37 2% silver .031 in.
  • Chip Quik Paste flux - no clean flux
    in 1 cc syringe w/nozzle & cap.
    Used for solder/desolder.
  • Liquid flux remover/cleaner - 5 cc container w/applicator. (non flammable)
  • Probe kit - 4 stainless steel dental picks
    for SMD removal & placement.
  • Solder wick - no clean - 5 ft.

  • Handi Vac - SMD pick & place tool / w/tips
  • Acid brush - qty. 2.
  • Precision tweezers - for SMD removal & placement.
  • Cleaning wipers - tight weave / low lint 4"x4" qty. 6
    (for cleaning PC board).
  • Swabs - double ended qty. 10.
    (for PC board clean up)
  • Alcohol pads - qty. 6.
    (for PC board clean up)
  • Chip Quik SMD removal & clean up instructions
Note: Each item is available individually in larger quantities.