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EPS-4129BL - 48 inch 12 Outlet Metal Power Strip - Surge Protect
Product Name: EPS-4129BL-ND - 48" 12 Outlet Metal Power Strip - Surge Protect
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Product Number: EPS-4129BL-ND
Product Weight: 6 lbs
Product Details
EPS-4129BL-ND - 48" 12 Outlet Metal Power Strip - Surge Protect

    This high quality power strip bar is ideal for use with various electric and electronic appliances, devices such as computers, audio and video equipment, power tools and instrument in the office building, in the garage at home, in the warehouse, factory, on the production line or manufacturing facilities. Better protection against power surge.


    • 4 ft (1.22m) durable steel housing Power Strip

      12 US standard easily recognizable light gray Outlets on black Power Strip body

    • 9 ft (2.74m) 14/3 AWG, SJT heavy duty Power Cord

    • On/Off Switch with 15Amp resettable Circuit Breaker

      Surge protected up to 1824 Joules

      Green LED Indicators for grounding and surge protection working conditions in the circuit

      ETL (Conforms to UL Std. 1363 and CAN/CSA Std. C22.2 No. 14) approved and listed

      Electrical ratings: 125V/15A/1875W

      Mounting on back with additional mounting brackets

      Ample space between Outlets for big and bulky Power Supplies

      Solid and sturdy feel

      Plug-in and play


    Model #:



    48” 12 Outlet Metal Power Strip

    Power Strip Measurement:

    48”x1.575”x1.417” (1219x40x36mm) *



    Outlet Color:

    Light gray

    Outlet Orientation:


    Plug / Receptacle Type

    5-15P / 5-15R

    Outlet Spacing:

    3¾" or 95mm (center to center)

    Power Cord:

    9’ (2.74m) 14/3 AWG, SJT Heavy Duty

    Voltage Input/Output:

    110-125V 60Hz

    Current Input:


    Full Load:


    On/Off Switch:

    Yes (without light)

    Circuit Breaker:

    Resettable (built in switch)

    Surge Protection:

    Up to 1824 Joules

    Lines Protected:

    (L-N) (L-G) (N-G)

    Response time:

    Less than 5 nanosecond

    Noise Filter:


    Mounting on Back:

    Yes (Click here to see)

    Mounting Tabs:


    Mounting Brackets:

    2 x ¾” (19mm) Spring Clips (Click here)


    Green LED Grounding and Green LED Surge Protection


    * The width of the power strip does not include the size of screws, and the height does not include the receptacles.


    1. It is not advisable to use this unit on a GFI (or GFCI - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) Outlet (as shown below), as the Grounding Indicator in the circuit would likely trip the GFI, which would not automatically reset.