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With Chip Quik and a Soldering Iron
You Can Remove any SMD Safely & Easily.
Now Eliminate Expensive Rework Equipment.

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Type T5 Solder Paste in 10cc Syringes   Solder Spheres for BGAs   Type T5 Solder Paste in 10cc Syringes
T5 Solder Paste in 10cc Syringes
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Tack Flux in Jars-75g and 150g
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Solder Spheres
Now Available at Chip Quik®

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Rework on a PCB with a Preheater & Hot Air Pencil - Learn More
An Alternative to the Solder Iron (detailed explanation) - Learn More
PCB Bottom Pre-Heating For SMD Rework- Learn More

Chip Quik® Will Work Equally as Well on Lead-Free Circuit Boards

New Chip Quik ®Lead-Free Products



In a typical rework situation, an engineer designing a prototype board may have to change an SMD, install a test socket or adapter, replace a chip component, lift some SMD pins for test access, run tests with different SMD components, run a QC analysis after removing a failed component, etc. A technician may have to change a defective SMD, install an upgrade modification, repair a poor solder connection, remove components from a board, make a field repair on location, troubleshoot an inoperative board, etc. A contract manufacturer may have to change a component due to a production error, touch up solder joints after inspection, repair a board after going through the ATE (automatic test equipment), etc. These examples fall into the category of low volume rework. Fast, safe, easy, and affordable rework is needed. To send the board out to a rework specialist or to hire a trained technician would not be practical and/or economically feasible.

As you can see, becoming proficient at SMD solder/ desolder rework is to your advantage. You will save time and money. Also, you become less dependent on others. Best of all, fewer boards will be scrapped.

NOTE: Detailed desolder, solder, rework instructions are explained in the Chip Quik® Newsletters.



Chip Quik is Fast, Safe, and Easy to Use

Eliminates the need for complex expensive equipment. Learn how to desolder SMD's in minutes.

No Expensive Tips or Nozzles

No need to stock a large inventory of tips and nozzles.

No Damage to PC Board or Adjacent Components

No more--burning of board and chips, lifting pads or lands, reflowing adjacent components, damage to double sided boards, throwing pc boards away because of no reliable removal methods.

Chip Quik is now used extensively in all sections of the Electronic Industry.

Consumer, Industrial, Manufacturing, Automotive, Telecommunications, Medical, Avionics, Engineering, Robotics, Prototype, R&D, Aerospace, Communications, Education, Research, Gaming, Government, Hobbyist and more.

Chip Quik is fast becoming known globally as the rework solution.



Chip Quik
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Chip Quik SMD Removal Kit
Simple Chip Removal Method
  160 pin SMD to be removed with a Chip Quik SMD Removal Kit   Apply Chip Quik Tack Flux to all leads of SMD  
  With iron melt Chip Quik Removal Alloy on all pins of SMD. Maintain Alloy in a molten state long enough to release chip   Lift chip from board with Pick-Up Tool. You are now ready to clean pads.  
  While applying heat with iron, use a swab dipped in flux to polish tha pads until thoroughly clean. Clean up flux with an alcohol pad      


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